New song / new lineup: KILLING MACHINE

The Gebs are back! This is the global (ooooh yes) premiere of the first track from “THE PRIESTESS EP” due this November. It’s called “Killing Machine. We’ll be performing and debuting the whole EP at our November 1st gig at Schokoladen Berlin!

And there is more: Below you’ll find our first photo featuring the all new Gebs lineup. Straight outta Wedding, Gebs is a killing machine. From left to right:

Sebi “Ivan Metalac” Saam – Guitar
Lutz “Tower” Dammermann – Drums
Florian “Lobo” Seiler – Bass
Berni “WolfmanX” Mayer – Guitar, Vocals

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We’d like to use this space to thank our former Gebruder The Goat Bishop for being there for us in a time of need. Without you The Gebs wouldn’t have survived, brother. Thank you!

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