OUT NOW: The Priestess EP (Limited CD Edition)

Dear people, finally The Priestess EP is here. It won’t be available digitally until December 6th but we have a strictly limited number of CDs featuring Alexander Weiss’ stunning artwork at hand. Feel free to order one directly from us at info(at)gebrudergrim.com. Here are the details:

5 TRACK EP, 24min, 10€ including shipping in Europe

1. Killing Machine
2. Confuser
3. The Priestess
4. Hounds
5. Meat Eating Sun

Written and produced by The Gebruder Grim in 2012/2013
Artwork by Alexander Weiss
Additional Artwork by Barbara Mayer

Single: Killing Machine (a video is being created as we speak)


Massive thanks and cheers to: Alex, Barbara, Jan, Cem and Gregor! We are yours to serve.

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